Radio Equipment Rentals

Marcus Communications rents a wide-variety of products that include radios, radio accessories, trunked systems, towers, satellite and microwave links. Rentals are based on a daily, weekend, weekly or monthly rate, and all handheld radios include an antenna, charger, and spare battery.

Handheld Radios

Daily Weekend Fri-Mon Weekly Fri-Fri Monthly
As low as $ As low as $ As low as $ Call for pricing


Headsets Secret Service Kits Chest Packs
$10 $15 $5

* Same price for any make and model radio daily, weekend, weekly, or monthly rental.

 Trunked Systems (Single or Multi-Site)

Trunked Systems are used in special event situations where a large number of users need simultaneous wide-area communications but need the privacy to talk with selected groups. For instance, an event that requires 100 radios to operate in 7 different groups (security, maintenance, operations, ticketing, concessions, management, or emergency) would be best served from a trunked radio system. In essence, each group may talk at the same time while enjoying the wide-area benefits and private communications only amongst their group (or other groups when necessary).

Marcus Communications rents fully assembled, multi-channel, trunked systems for use at special events, conventions or other special temporary situations. Please call our Sales Department at (860) 646-1839 or for more information and pricing.